Super Sale

Hello again!

So recently I went to Banana Republic, a store that I hardly ever frequent because of the absurd pricetags and matronly fashion, but after having searched through the sale racks for a while I came across this really interesting skirt with a very unique appeal.

First of all, it had pockets: a pre-req for all my skirts and dresses, second it was made of a vinyl feeling polyester which is super fun, and lastly while the outer shell of the skirt is navy blue, the inside shell is a beautiful fuschia  color that adds a bit of character to the already awesome skirt.
On top of all that, the skirt was originally priced at $89.00 and the tag was marked down to $9.00!
Yea, I know!!
Needless to say I bought it and finally got around to wearing it yesterday with an I Heart Ronson top and thrifted belt. Eventually I plan to take it to be altered to make a bit shorter since it is kindof too long for my liking.

What are some great sales you’ve found?

Until next time!


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