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Hello all!

Sorry that I have been M.I.A. lately but my time recently has been split between finishing up college (I only have one more semester left!) and work,where I practically live.

Unfortunately this leaves little time to blog,although I plan to make a valient effort to keep you updated and share my style with you all.

Today I wanted to share with you one of my work outfits. We are required to wear our work shirts but everything else is up to us. I love that freedom because it allows me to extend my love for fashion into my work and inspire people wherever I go.

I’ve recently been really into mixing similiar prints and experimenting with layering so I decided to adapt that concept into a fun and unique work outfit.

I am wearing a F21 cardigan and skirt, thrifted belt, and a vintage bag that matches perfectly!



Girl Crush

Let me start off by emphasizing just how much I adore Rachel McAdams. She is absolutely stunning and has such a down-to-earth personality that I really admire.

Ok,with that said, after I saw her on the cover of Glamour magazine I fell in love with her outfit and just had to replicate it. I found some vintage Guess shorts on Craigslist and paired them with a pink Tommy Hilfiger button-up to recreate her cover look.



I love being inspired to create my own looks for much less and actually have an inspiration board I update that I turn to whenever I feel like changing up my style.

Who’s style do you admire?

Until next time

Tea For Two


Yesterday was a rather nice day; I bought some amazing high-waisted vintage Guess shorts off of Craigslist and had a lunch date with my best friend. We went to this adorable little place called The Secret Tea Room and it was just that.The place is definitely a well-kept secret because I’ve lived here for 3 years and never knew such a place existed. They have dozens of different teas to choose from and very cafe style foods like crustless sandwiches,crabcakes and even a “Queen’s Tea Service” that includes sandwiches, scones and desserts.

Here are some pictures I took the last couple times I went:



Queen's Tea Service


The food there is very good and if you live anywhere near Greensboro you should definitely check it out.

Ok,last but not least, yesterday I wore a thrifted pink tunic with an Anthropologie belt, and leggings,cardigan and loafers from Target.


What are some “secret” treasures in your town?


Super Sale

Hello again!

So recently I went to Banana Republic, a store that I hardly ever frequent because of the absurd pricetags and matronly fashion, but after having searched through the sale racks for a while I came across this really interesting skirt with a very unique appeal.

First of all, it had pockets: a pre-req for all my skirts and dresses, second it was made of a vinyl feeling polyester which is super fun, and lastly while the outer shell of the skirt is navy blue, the inside shell is a beautiful fuschia  color that adds a bit of character to the already awesome skirt.
On top of all that, the skirt was originally priced at $89.00 and the tag was marked down to $9.00!
Yea, I know!!
Needless to say I bought it and finally got around to wearing it yesterday with an I Heart Ronson top and thrifted belt. Eventually I plan to take it to be altered to make a bit shorter since it is kindof too long for my liking.

What are some great sales you’ve found?

Until next time!


Please Fasten Your Seatbelts.


I’m back again and here with a fun new post for you all. After putting together today’s outfit I was rumaging around for that “something special” to pull it all together and I stumbled upon this black and gold hair barrette that I immediately knew what to do with. I used it as a bowtie and not soon after did a friend jokingly call me a “flight attendant.”
Regardless, I love this outfit and I am wearing a F21 skirt,H&M tights,Dollhouse combat boots, and Target button up.




Color Confusion

Hello,it has been a while since I have posted so after I bought this adorable skirt yesterday I figured I’d make a post to show you.

I got this skirt at H&M and for some reason it photographs pink rather than its actual color of orange. I especially love that it matches my hair:)

I’m also wearing an H&M dress tucked into my skirt c/o my boyfriend, H&M tights, cardigan from Target and black sequined Toms.

I actually bought some adorable black patent loafers from Target last week which I planned to wear with this outfit but after getting a horrible blister after wearing them once last week I decided against them. It’s a shame because they are very cute shoes.
Anyway, enjoy!


One Year Anniversary!

It’s been one whole year since I started this blog and it is absolutely insane to look back at my old pictures and see how much I’ve changed!

I went from long blonde hair, to short red hair, and then long red hair. This past year has brought me many, many new  outfits, interests, a new kitten (her name is Marceline) and even a new camera to take my blog photos with (Thank you Ryan:) ). I can’t wait to see what the new year has to offer!

Today I am posting my outfit I wore on New Year’s Eve  night for dinner with Ryan and midnight fun at  one of our favorite quirky little bar/music venues, Elliot’s Revue. New Year’s Eve was actually the last night the bar was open before it’s closing down for good. 😦

I saw this sequined dress a few years ago at a local boutique and instantly fell in love. I’ve worn it only once before and am constantly trying to find an excuse to wear it; New Year’s Eve sounded like the perfect occasion!

I’m not sure what the long term fate of this blog is, however I am still planning to post favorite outfits and fashion tips for now and who knows, maybe one year I’ll actually post 365 outfits! For now I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned and find out!

Happy New Year!!!