Day 5!

Wow 5 days already….

Well I won’t keep you waiting.Today’s outfit begins with a striped Forever 21 sweater (i LOVE the shoulder pads!),  a black skirt that I converted to a high-waisted skirt with the help of a a wide belt, black leggings and black flats.

Let’s not forget the accessories! Well my skirt had gold stitching so I decided to play up the theme of gold by wearing a gold sparrow necklace, gold leaf hair clip (That I also wore on Day 3), and applying sparkly gold eyeshadow.

Fashion Tip: Don’t be afraid to take risks! Create an interesting, new updo by twisting and pining hair off to one side and letting your hair’s natural texture take over. Pin bangs back with bobby pins or a fun clip.

Thank you for reading on this wonderfully dreary Day 5.

Take risks,  accessorize, and be awesome!

Day 5

Day 5

Day 5

Day 4!

Hello, it’s Day 4 !

Fortunately,  it’s a bit warmer today so I won’t have to bundle up quite as much as I did yesterday (I was right, I needed the scarf AND a coat to face yesterday’s chilling weather).

Today’s outfit consists of a red and black printed dress, black zippered leggings,  a fitted blazer embellished with a school uniform-styled patch, and super comfortable black boots (not flats today!).

Fashion tip: Go the extra mile! Accessorize from head to toe with a color coordinated hair clip, nail polish and flashy ring to complete your look.

So I remembered why I haven’t worn this blazer in forever: the sleeves are too short. I actually have this problem A LOT and I’m forced to buy a larger size so the sleeves are long enough. However, in this case I’m just going to roll up the sleeves and show off a little I have a feeling I’m going to have to doctor up quite a bit of my clothes so that they work now since I haven’t worn a lot of them in a while.

Like always, thanks for reading/viewing and I would still love to know what your favorite outfits to wear are so send in some pictures!


Day 4

Day 4

Day 4 Shoes

Day 3!

Hello everyone!

Today I decided to keep it fairly simple. Sorry, no scarf today. (Actually I might retract that last sentence since I just read that it’s currently 38 degrees in Greensboro.)

Well on Day 3, I’m wearing an Express dress that I absolutely love, an  AE cardigan, gray zippered leggings, and good ol’ black flats.

AND….I decided to show you guys the bottom half of my outfit …eh why not.

Fashion Tip: Try dressing up a sporty headband with a pretty accessory such as a bow or clip for a more feminine touch.

Day 3

That does it for today; now it’s time to go run some errands and pay some bills. (Exciting right? lol)

Oh! What are some of you favorite pieces to wear? (fav jacket, necklace, shoes…)        Send me a picture of you wearing your favorite piece or outfit and I’ll feature it on my blog! Or reply to this blog and attach your picture.

I can’t wait to see some great outfits!

See you tomorrow!

Day 3

Day 3-Hair Accessory


Day 2!

So since I started this thing I guess I can’t quit Don’t worry, I’ll be sticking to this for the next 363 days (wow that sounds like forever…).

Today I’m donning a floral Charlotte Russe dress, black cardigan, navy animal print scarf,  gray leggings and black flats (yes I know you can’t see the last two pieces but just trust me, they’re there.)

Fashion Tip!: Do you have a scarf that you love but want a new way to wear it? Try looping it around the back to make it look like an eternity scarf! (Confused? I posted  some pics below to show you how to create this look.)


I’m already excited for the outfits I get to create and to incorporate the clothes that have been in my closet (unworn) for an eternity. I haven’t worn today’s dress in probably half a year so it’s nice to reunite with this seasonal summer frock and make it work for winter.

Again, I appreciate any readers I have out there and hope you join me on Day 3 and the  363 days to come!

Step2: Tuck the ends in around the back of the scarf and TADA!

Step1:Loop scarf around one time like shown in pic

DAY 1!!! It’s finally here!!

Hello everyone! Today marks the beginning of my year long blog! Like I said in my first post, this is not going to be an easy task as I already discovered. For example, since my roommates are out of town for the holidays I have no one to take my pictures for me and I quickly realized how difficult it is to take a full-length picture showing my entire outfit by myself . So for now, until my roomies come back, I have decided to just upload what I can and hope for the best. lol

I’ve uploaded several pics for Day 1 just to show the trouble I had in taking decent pictures. (oh well, this should all be settled soon enough).

I thought that Day 1 should celebrate the New Year, a new blog …and my love for Judas Priest, so today I’m wearing a vintage Judas Priest tee, gray Forever 21 jeans, black flats, gray cardigan, and my trusty Urban Outfitters scarf (you’ll probably see a lot of this scarf through out the year).

Thank you for checking in and I promise I won’t let you down!

(also, thank you roomie for letting me use your mirror to take some of these


Ello world!

Starting tomorrow I will begin the year long project of taking daily pictures of my outfits while also using every article of clothing I own. I realize this will be quite daunting, which is why I have implemented the help of  good friend Matt Whaley to help keep me on track.

Don’t let the people down Matt. They’re counting on you.