Strike a “Cord”


I’m gonna keep it short and simple today.

So today I’m wearing new corduroy shorts from Delias as well as a  thrifted top and black glitter Toms.

I was all excited about these shorts until I washed them once and the front button came off. I mean, it’s not a big deal really, it’s just that I kindof expected them to hold up a little better than that. Oh well, time to go sew on a button.



The Little Things




So whenever i buy a new garment, I always look for a little detail or embellishment that really makes it special. My latest buy was this black lace F21 skirt with discrete , yet functional, pockets.
I am wearing an I Heart Ronson top and Anthro belt , as well as black glitter Toms.

What do you look for in a new garment?











A Touch of Red


Ever since I dyed my hair red I have been in love with the color. Let my explain: my favorite bag is red, along with my clutch, phone case, various accessories, clothes,  lipsticks,  and polishes. (Maybe one day I’ll do a post about all my red things haha)

I inadvertently incorporate red into my outfits fairly frequently and today is no exception.

I am wearing a F21 moto jacket (since the weather today is finally cold enough for a jacket!), jumper from Target, thrifted belt and tights.

What is your go-to color scheme in your wardrobe?

Have a great day!


“Why”, you might ask, “does she have a knot on the top of her head?”

To which I would respond, “If your hair looked like a tangled rat’s nest, you’d put it in a bun too.”

Just kidding, my hair’s not that bad and I actually enjoy the simplicity of a bun with both complex and simple outfits alike.

Today, I’m just wearing a basic Pacsun cropped tee with a NY&Co tank and Hollister shorts.

The End.

A.A.A.: American Apparel Addict

I never thought that I’d buy into the whole American Apparel trend, but I have to admit that they create so awesome basic wardrobe essentials such as tees, maxi skirts, unitards, and bodycon dresses that I adore, even if their ads are a bit racy. While I don’t own a ton of their stuff (yet) I have been amazed with how versatile this A.A. crop top is.

And I must say, I cannot believe how long my hair has gotten since I started this blog at the beginning of this year. Hopefully it’ll keep growing because I haven’t had hair this long in at least 7 years!

Until next time!

Seeing Dots

So I’ve always been enamored with Anthropologie’s clothes and accessories, but unfortunately their stuff is soo expensive so everything I own from there I’ve gotten on super sale. Latest Anthro sale item: today’s featured belt. I love the bright color and the woven texture.

With it I am wearing a F21 skirt, lace tube bra, and and tank from…from… honestly I have no idea.

Also, I forgot to tell you!!!

If you haven’t already noticed, my shower curtain is different and has switched sides. Well, actually I I’ve been lazy with new posts because I’ve been so busy with decorating my new place but once I’m finished I’ll post a few pics of the new apt.!


Take care!

9-8 To Belt, or Not to Belt


Recently my boyfriend and I went to New York and we picked up some awesome things while we were there; this top being one of them.

It’s shapeless form, subtle pleating, and striking color attracted me to it right away and I knew that it would become one of my favorite pieces.

As you probably have caught on to if you read just a couple of posts, I love using belts to create interesting shapes in my outfits, and with this top I thought for sure that a belt was exactly what it needed to give it that something special.

But, after pairing it with my black sequined Toms and leggings, I realized that I kindof like its simple shape and winged sleeves.

Yay or nay?












Then I wrapped around an Anthropologie belt and New York and Company scarf and I loved it just the same.

Too much?


Which do you prefer?